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Looking For Spare Parts This New Year?

Posted on by Essential Marketer

Vehicle repairs and breakdowns are it would seem one of life’s inevitabilities. They cannot be predicted and often decide to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Whilst repairs, new parts and recovery can be expensive, one thing you may not have considered is approaching a car manufacturer specialist to solve your vehicle issues this New Year.

Here at Viking Auto Dismantlers, we are specialists in the dismantling of a range of Vauxhall, Rover and MG vehicles and hold host to an extensive range of spare and used parts. Whilst specifying in Vauxhall models primarily, our expertise has seen us branch our service all across the midlands region.

Reputable and Reliable Spare Parts

Based in Kings Norton, South Birmingham, our unparalleled vehicle services has seen us establish ourselves as the only place to go for Vauxhall, MG and Rover parts. The fact that we specify our services to certain makes only emphasises our extensive knowledge and expertise of working on such makes and models.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our spare parts from the vehicles we dismantle. All our spare parts are professionally removed before being tested to a high standard to ensure they are in full working order. Our experience and expertise over the past 30 years has seen us develop the most reliable, effective and efficient dismantling techniques.

Specialist Parts For Your Car

We see cars as a collection of working and removable parts. Everything from the dismantling of the gearbox and engine, to the effective removal of body parts, many parts of a car can be recycled and re-used. Not only that, our mechanics can even carry out repairs on our specified manufacturers models as we look to ensure an all-round and complete service.


So if you are in need of spare parts for your Vauxhall, MG or Rover, or enquiring about our car service and repair assistance, be sure to call us today on 0121 456 6866 and speak to one of our qualified and helpful technicians.

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