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Buying Guide: Should I Buy Used Van Spares?

Posted on by Essential Marketer

When your van is your business and your livelihood, keeping it looking smart and on the road is a priority. Your company name will be on the sides and potential clients will judge you by what they see, so professionalism is a must; but then so of course is profit.

You may be a business with a fleet of vans or a sole trader with just one, yet the cost of replacing parts is always going to have an impact. Your van may be an older model, so buying new parts may not be cost effective or make sense when it is possible to buy fully tested, reconditioned parts from Viking Auto Dismantlers, based in Birmingham since 1982. Not only will we have the parts that you need at considerably reduced prices compared to buying new, but we can also fit them for you in our state-of-the-art workshop. The same applies to newer models of van, as second-hand parts can be purchased for far less than those directly from the manufacturer.

A question often asked is, “is it safe to use second-hand parts?” The answer is very simply – yes – but always buy parts that have been fully tested and from a salvage company that you can trust and also offers a guarantee. This way you will know that you are getting a quality, reliable part for your van.

Time spent in the repair shop is time when you won’t be able to use your van to earn money, so we understand that speed is of great importance. Being able to take your van to one place for a quality replacement part to be fitted will save a huge amount of time and money, and will get your van back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you would like a price or information regarding second-hand parts for your van, give us a call here at Viking Auto Dismantlers. We will probably have exactly what you need in stock, but if not we will find it for you and supply it fully reconditioned at a competitive price.

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